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  1. Chris, Great way to start off the season. propman
  2. Matt, its just starting, you can look forward to a great summer of fishing!!! Getter Done!!! propman
  3. East side, Manistee MI. Use to fish LBDN. until the netter raped it. propman
  4. Going to be loading some reels with braided line ,how much backing should I put on first to keep it from sliping? Going to put 330yd. of braided on each reel. Thanks propman
  5. TopDawG, Thanks for the info ,sure looks like a top of the line , I think I will go with model 72084, its the biggest net they make, only trouble is if you leave it in your boat someone will lift it. Propman
  6. Where can you order a long handle salmon landing net. Propman ( 9to 10ft. reach)
  7. Arthur St . is it open water yet. propman
  8. What reels are used for dipsy, going to be using the walkers deep divers 124mm. I have no idea what reels should be used, going with mono 40lb line don;t what to spend a lot of $ so give me your view. propman
  9. Hey Guy's looking for a campgrounds W/ dockage for all summer. 31 ft. trailer and a 21 ft. boat. Looking at the Muskegon Area , give me some help. Thanks propman
  10. DarkBlue, Hey Chris sent you another PM. Propman
  11. Is the ice breaking up on Manistee Lake yet, looking to get my boat in the water and get fishin. Propman
  12. Your the MAN and HE's the little MAN !!! Propman
  13. I'm trying to find out if there is Bus Service between Manistee and Holland MI. With the price of Gas going sky high I need to find a bus to Holland , then I can get a train home , it would save me about $300.00 a trip. Thanks Propman
  14. Just got two Berts Rod Holders W/ 12" track. My question is how much backig plate should I use to mount it on my boat, The boat is Alm. and I am going to use 1 X 6 wood decking to put under the track on the bottom side of the rails, do I need to make it longer then the tracking plate, I will be running dipsey off of them. Thanks Propman
  15. Any one got a online web site for walker deep divers. Cheap!!! Propman
  16. Looking for a campground W/dockage around ST. Joe Benton Harbor area, Propman
  17. Down in Fl. they have a couple of outfit that tow your boat in if you have a break down, cost like $65.00 a year. doe's anyone no of any co. in the Ludington, Manistee area that has this type of towing program. Propman
  18. Looking for a good prop shop on the east side of Lake Michigan for prop repair, give me some names and address, and phone #'s Thanks
  19. What site can I find the stocking info for Salmon, in the Manistee, ludington area . Thanks propman
  20. Due to shortage in $, I am going to rig my rode with mono. I need some advice on brand and LBS to use,also color. also a good place to buy it in bulk. Thanks Propman
  21. what super line do you use for divesr? propman
  22. Who's got the best price on 800 series Takota Reels? propman
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