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  1. Sure! if you call 13" perch that weigh 13 oz "bait"!!! I had the pleasure of having DonP and 2 newbies (Mike from my work and his Grandson Michael) fishing with me this week. We broke the pierheads and headed south for a couple miles. Don drove while I set lines. Got 1 in...got 2 in....FISH ON!!!! Michael landed a dandy steelhead that was definately going to make our weighin cut. I attempted to get the rest of the lines set and had just 2 cores to get in when another rod starts jumping off a rigger. This fish never stopped running and we never gained line on him. About 200 yds of line out and he just let go. BUMMER Reset the rigger and finished setting all the rods. We trolled for an hour or so without as much as a tap. Don's phone kept us busy though, and one of them callers was our good buddy Live2FishDjs...Darrin informed us of some action further south. SO after another 1/2 hour of the big NOTHING! we pulled lines and ran south. Never say them down that way but we set up lines and within 5 mins of getting all the lines in the water had one on. Within 1/2 hour we boated 2 more. Worked this area until about 11 o clock or so. I lost a HUGE steelie right at the net that would have pushed my personal steelhead record...but it lives to grow bigger! We quit big fish fishing with 7 fish - 3 coho, 3 kings and 1 steelhead...I think. ( My memory is a bit fuzzy about the day with all the house construction going on at home. But hey! my roof is shingled and safe from the weather! ) So then we headed straight toward shore to find a small group of 5 boats perch fishin...since we fished so late for big fish, we decided to not make the run back to the HUGE perch pack near the pierheads. Great move, eh Don?! We boxed 68 perch in a matter of a little over 1 hour. Our biggest was near 13" and weighed 12 or 13 ounces. We had a nice mess of perch and our 35 perch limit weight in at over 8 lbs...which combined with our 5 fish limit of big fish pushed us by Darrin and crew into a 1st place finish! GOTTA LOVE THESE COMBO FISH EVENTS!!!!! Right Darrin! I think DonP got another new nickname out of the event too from Darrin...see Don's signature!
  2. Fished Lake Erie with 5 friends...2pm till 8pm. Final Score: 28 eyes, dozen or so 10"+ jumbo perch, bunches of sheep, countless "white perch"... Here's the eyes and a few perch and two of the "whiteys": Here's the port: All were caught drifting and/or casting as the early hours was VERY calm...once the wind picked up we had plenty of action just drifting.
  3. '00 Silverado 1/2 ton 4wd 5.3L with towing package. 13-16mpg no matter what/where I'm going or what I'm hauling. On a good day with a tail wind and running down hill I'll get 18 on the highway at 60mph.
  4. Steve, you got it! It is a work of art that only our own Steve Arend could do! Now, I think we all know the story of "Life with Steve Arend" and the bouy incident.... I happen to know the guys who sink the sailing bouys out of st. joseph...he said this one bouy in particular had a lot of hardware hanging off the chain and connecting rope....monofilament, wire line, downrigger line, super line, leadcore, spoons, dodgers, flies, dipsy divers, flashers, even a downrigger weight was entangled in the mess! So I meander down to take a look...sure enough, it was COVERED!!!! Unfortunately, the club wanted to keep all the hardware, but they were willing to let me cut this one clustered ball of line off the chains!
  5. You're close...but no cigar! THINK BOUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Humm...I know I cannot refer to another site,,,but also think "page 3 of the Life with Steve Arend" thread on another forum.... (can I say that on here?)
  6. Hey Steve Arend, any ideas what this is???? Here's a hint: BOUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hey Steve, Where do I submit my application!????!!!! I'd "settle" for 3/4 a million though (no need to get greedy)...just to help out with tackle and such! Plus, I'm not sure what I'd do with the extra $250,000 anyways...yeah right:rolleyes:
  8. Is that on Lake Michigan?
  9. Steve, MAN!!! If the cement wasn't being poured for my basement tonight, I'd take you up on your offer! It should be a great day for fishing! I seen a couple boats come in to the marina with HEAVY COOLERS. They were cleaning some hogs in the cleaning station in west basin.
  10. Hey Steve, my wife packed a banana for Morgan the morning of the above report...and we still managed 4 nice fish! I can only imagine how we would have done without the hex upon us?!?!?! Note: the last time she brought a banana, we got the black kitty!! SO I threatened her this time that if we went blank again, I was gonna go through all her stuff before we leave next time. She got all pissy with me about that one...but she won't be fishing any tournaments with me if she insists on packing bananas. I was told by a good source (Spanky and DonP) that banana bread was okay, as the cooking process releases all the bad mojo from the bananas. Either that, or find a golden goby to offset the bad karma of the yellow killer banana.
  11. Nope, the adipose was there, but I had to go back and recheck the original photo...it's in the shadows. Full core with moonshine flounder pounder - king cut bait on wire dipsy - king outdown down 65' with a crippled alewife orange glow spoon - laker outdown down 55' with a crippled alewife orange glow spoon - king
  12. Way to go Steve! I'll add one for saturday...took the wife and kid out by 9am had lines in the water at 110fow....by 12:30 had lines out of water at 80fow and headed in. Results 4 for 4: 3 kings 1 laker From left to right: 8.5# King, 11.5# king, 11.8# king, 6.5 # Lake Trout: one tried it's darndest to get hung up in the motor, but I was quick to shut down the motor and free him up! Ben
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