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  1. Looks like a nice rig! ive Still got the old vivi-ann alive and kickin waiting for a little warmer weather.
  2. There was a blue barrel tied off to something north of south haven a couple weeks ago. Had the samething happen to me but the rigger swiped it instead. Even brought in what looked to be an old iv bag or something medical bag. Its always interesting to see what floats around out there.
  3. I would try the muskegon river between croton dam and the hennyway park in newaygo. The are all sorts of boat ramps. But be cautious the river is shallow in some spot and most guys us drift boat or jets. But it is doable in a smaller semi v boat. I've been goin up there since october and have brought home fish every trip and I wade fishin with floats and spawn. Give it a try crowds are small this time of the year
  4. Hey guys! I'm a rookie just started out on the big lake....just bought a 1972 22' crusier and I am try to get my feet wet. I am currently looking for any odds and ends to put together a fishing boat and if anyone has any old equiptment they don't use or just wana get rid of...give me a shout. Thanks

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