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  1. I have some different downriggers for sale. I am taking the to swap meet tommorow in Holland. If interested email me at [email protected] or call me off www.catchabunch.com 4 big Jon brutes....3 have swivel bases and a rod holder with a ball cradle and 1 Is just the rigger. $1400 3 old cannon mag 10 with rod holders, swivels bases,covers, and gimbal mounts $700. Two have 6' booms and the other is around 4'.
  2. He said the 45 convector are half the price of the tekotas. Which they are nothing about a rod. To the original poster contact me if interested in reels still. I have some okuma and some tekotas.
  3. Younggun Check out www.bigweeniebrand.com they have two different styles of meat heads. They are in the process of posting pics and adding the new stuff to the site. They will also have some do it yourself packs where you can tape the heads with different colors. As matt said Uv and also Green Chrome, UV green, UV with UV tape, Pearl with UV tape.
  4. From dipsy to swivel about 12'-15' and about 42" on the fly leads I think this is what you are asking
  5. All weigh stations have entry tickets available now. http://www.summersalmonslam.com/weigh-stations The web site will continue to have updates.
  6. Their is no boat entry this year. This will be revisited next year. For this year it is $30 per adult and $15 per youth. Also their will be a $15 3 day entry. Good luck to all that fish it.
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