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  1. I have only been out twice, but so far Green Spin Doctor with Green Big Jon fly
  2. Thank you everybody, I do not have pictures yet just brought it home,I am adding some equiptment to it, getting ready to go. I will post pic's when I can. If I manage to catch a fish out there on my own rest assured the guys all the way to Grand Haven will hear me shout.
  3. Good Morning, from the ultimate new guy. I have only been out "Big Lake" a few times on small boats but have made the plunge. Just joined Port Sheldon Group and hope to be launching out of there by the end of the month. Have just bought my first big lake boat, 21' SlickCraft. I appriciate all the information I have found on this site, at this point I don't even know how much I don't know yet.
  4. There is a new shop that just opened next door to Fish On Bait on M104 Springlake. MD Marine and Engine. Had him fix my waterpump last week.
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