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  1. They're fishing west bay up here already. I guess Frankfort is still iced in pretty thick though. Wont be long!

  2. Are you guys able to get out of Manistee yet?

  3. Oh yeah, one other thing. Copper takes up a lot of room on a reel. You'll need a big one. For my 225, and 250' rigs I use a Penn 330.

  4. Here's my progam: 1,2,3,5 colors of lead for when they're up high. 150', 225', 250', 300' Copper when they're deep (like last summer!).

    I only run the heavy copper (45lb). I want to reel in the least ammount of line I have to! 150' of Cu will run roughly the same as a full core +/- a few feet (around 40' down).

    Based off of what you already have in your line up, I'd first add a 300' Cu. Then Id add a 225' Cu. This way you'll have the basics covered. If you need to cover the water in between your lead and a copper line, you can always add a snap weight to the full core or even the five color to really dial in your presentation to a certain depth. 1 oz of snap weight = 1 color of lead.

    For what it's worth, I caught by far the most fish last summer on my 225' and 250'. The 300' came in handy more during the daylight hours when the sun was high and the fish went deep.

  5. Hey man. I just watched some of your youtube vids. I loved the spring Brown one! Good stuff.

  6. Been feeshin?

  7. How'd the weekend go? We got some big kings last week during our weekly tourney. Actually won it out of a field of 17 boats. Im headed out tonight.

  8. Find any browns or steel yet?

  9. Hey man, just stumbled across this site! Sweet! Im headed to Frankfort tomorrow. Theyre lighting em up over there!


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