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  1. P2014 Terrova 115 w/ i-Pilot I have a 2014 Minnkota Terrova 115 for sale. 60" shaft, 36 volts, 115 lbs of thrust. Universal Sonar 2 (built-in transducer), i-Pilot Link with spot lock (interfaces with Humminbird sonar), two remote controls, wired foot pedal. Removable mounting bracket included. Like new. $2,500 new, asking $1,000. Captain Guy Lopez
  2. Go with the 50/200 for salmon fishing. Still works OK inland. JGESox
  3. Fishing is still consistent, if not fast off Waukegan. Same area as last report, same baits. Thermocline was at 45- 50 feet. Fish were high in the water column, even caught a laker on a spoon off a downrigger set at 56 feet. Best baits are magnum spoons on copper and leadcore off planer boards. Wire dipseys took a few hits on meat rigs but only a couple of lakers on the riggers. Good mix of species, everything but brown trout.
  4. Will be attempting to fish off Waukegan for the whole Memorial weekend (weather permitting. Just got a tip that some kings have moved in to shallower water (60-90 feet). The fishing may be epic if weather holds. Will provide a recap.
  5. We did OK NE of Waukegan Sunday in 115 to 160 FOW. A coho, a king, a steelie, and two lake trout. East winds brought 3-4 footers. 55 degrees and the thermocline were at 75 feet. Early fish high in warmer water. Mag Green Dolphin took 2 on 300 copper, Black Mamba meat rig took the king on a wire dipsey (#2, 75 FOC), lakers came on riggers (Old Yeller and Evil Alewife down 95 and 83 respectively). Will be out all three days Memorial weekend, weather permitting.
  6. Will be heading back to Waukegan this Sunday to try again for salmon. Winds have been predominantly from the east since Wednesday, which will drive the salmon to deeper water. Fortunately, it looks like the wind will be light. Will report back with a details from the deep.
  7. Found some kings in 140 FOW to the NE of Waukegan. Steelies too. 4 for 5. All bites between 8:00 and 9:30. Two on wire dipsey (75 FOC, #2 setting) with a John King Black Mamba meat rig. One on 300ft copper with a mag Green Dolphin Streak, one on a 10 color core with a mag Carmel Dolphin Warrior. Lost a another steelie on one of the board rods . Then the bite quit. Back out this weekend. Looks like west winds for the rest of the week. Salmon fishing on the west side will continue to improve if this turns out to occur. I have openings for this weekend as well as Labor Day weekend. Should be prime time! $375 for up to 4 anglers. Give me a call if you want in on some big kings. 847-420-3046.
  8. Will be headed to Waukegan tomorrow to fish salmon. Weather looks like it will cooperate. Will update with pics.
  9. I have an opening this Satutday for salmon fishing off Waukegan, IL. $375 for up to four anglers. Call me to get in while the action is hot!
  10. Salmon have moved back into waters on the western side of the lake. Thermocline at 65 feet. Early kings down 30-50 feet. Best action in 115 to 150 FOW off Waukegan. Meat rigs, spoons, and dodger fly all worked. Only going to get better from now on!
  11. Reports indicate that salmon fishing has improved in deeper waters off Waukegan. I will be fishing for salmon out of Waukegan this weekend. Will post a fishing report as soon as possible.
  12. Will be out fishing this weekend with niece and nephews on Diamond Lake near Cassopolis, MI. Family vacation time!
  13. Got a few perch over the weekend from Cal Park. Some fish are in weeds. Minnows were best. The bite will get better with time.
  14. Worked hard for seven decent perch today. Most wanted minnows. Will be back out tomorrow to see of we can do better.
  15. Tough day on the big lake. Worked from 7 am to noon for one laker . Everybody else struggling too. Perch fishermen we talked with had only six but half were jumbos. Perch effort to come tomorrow and Sunday.
  16. Will be fishing for trout and salmon on Lake Michigan on the Fourth of July then will try for Perch on Saturday and Sunday. Will report results.
  17. Am headed back to Chequamegon Bay this weekend for smallies. May also fish Gile Flowage. Will report back. Meanwhile, the yellow perch on Lake Michigan have made their spawning run inshore. Jumbos are being caught in good numbers. Salmon fishing has been better out of Waukegan than the south end lately. Things are setting up for a great 4th of July weekend. I have openings for the 5th and 6th. Call me if you want to fish for perch or salmon.
  18. Will be heading to Chequamegon Bay of Lake Superior to fish for lunker smallies this weekend. Stay tuned for some fine action.
  19. We got a little too happy last night and elected to forego fishing today. Instead we slept in and nursed our wounds. Seriously, casting for muskies is a contact sport amI am not in game shape yet. We missed a front coming thru dropping quite a bit of rain. Our buddies Kevin and Jimmy were out early and saw some fish but got no takers. I won our big fish pool because of the thirty minutes of glory I experienced on day one. Sometimes it just pays to be lucky.
  20. This is the video my friend Rick shot of me battling the 46 incher from yesterday. The fish alligator rolled in the line after it was hooked in the mouth and ended up hooked in the back. Stupid fish!
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