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  1. I have not seen it posted in this forum yet but there's a new data buoy set up south of St. Joe in about 68 fow. I guess it's near the Cook Nuclear Plant. http://uglos.engin.umich.edu/station_page.php?station=45026 It has real time data that refreshes every 10 minutes with wind, wave and water temp. It will be great to have a buoy closer to us than the one that is southeast of Milwaukee. This one also records water temps at different depths.
  2. Went 10 for 12 on the cohos Sunday. Set lines in about 20 fow in front of pumping station. Trolled back and forth between there and the junk cars. Red with black squiggles Brad's thin fish worked best. I can't really say what speed cause my GPS crapped out on me last fall and I didn't bring the down riggers so I couldn't run my temp & speed probe but it did seem like they wanted it fast.
  3. I put in at the Benton Harbor launch across from Tackle Haven yesterday. The docks were not in yet but no problems with shallow water. The shallowest point was probably 2 1/2 to 3 foot deep and that was between the launch and the first set of docks.
  4. Lost a planer board Saturday. It had my name and number on it. Someone did find it and was nice enough to call but didn't leave a return number and I dont have caller ID. If you guys could please keep an ear out. We went 0 for 2. A big one off the rigger 20 ft down-10 ft back with a swim bait that looked so much like an alewive I had to try it and lost the second one off a flatline with a red tiger striped thin fish. Both in about 35 fow in front of the piers. We didn't get to fish long cause my trolling plate blew out on me and it was pretty much "game over" after that. Tough day but can't wait to get back out:thumb:
  5. Great job on the fish! The lake looks like it was nice to ya too. Thanks for the report.
  6. Went 3 for 4 this morning. All fish came in about 85 FOW. One 18 lb. king on full core with green glow J, Small king on copper with green glow J and a laker off DR near bottom with tin can and white fly. Lost one off diver 200 ft. back with green/glow SD and matching fly. The launch on the way back in was backed up quite a bit so we had a few minutes of free entertainment.
  7. Went 5 for 8 today, 3 healthy lakers and 2 small kings. Set lines in 120 fow about 7:30 this morning and headed west. Picked up fish in 180-260 fow with most being picked up in 260. Seven color core was the hottest but we also took fish on slide diver 75 ft. back and rigger 35 ft. down. Carmel Dolphin, Lemon Ice and Monkey Puke spoons. Lost a huge screaming steelie about 25 yards behind the boat but he put on a heck of a show for us. Larry
  8. Thanks to everyone for the reports. I want to give South Haven a try but have never fished out of there before. How's the access there? Any shallow areas in the river or other surprises? Is a south/ southwest troll the preferred direction? Any other tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Larry
  9. Couldn't stand it anymore and took a vacation day today. We had lines in the water by 6:30 and had first fish on about 100 yards south of pier in 25 foot. Nice king on blue jointed Rapala, he wrapped me around one of the rigger cables and I lost em. Trolled south picking one up here and there, got real exciting by the chalets with a triple. Had to work for three man limit around noon. All nice coho with one 15 lb king. Red and black brads off boards and flatlined , orange crush spoons off riggers and had one orange magnum wiggle wart that we could not keep the fish off, ended up losing that lure tho:angry2: Stayed between 20-30 ft. Great day on the lake!
  10. We went 2 for 4 while fishing the Brown Blast yesterday. Both fish landed were coho. All fish/strikes came on boards 75-100 ft back. Red with black stripe thinfish and Silver/black Rapala countdowns. That was some rough water! Probably the limit for my 16 ft. Monark. This is our first spring fishing the lake out of a boat but were starting to figure it out:D
  11. Hit it pretty hard yesterday, no steelhead but did get into a couple of nice browns. Felt good to put a bend in the rod again. I was surprised to see all the trees felled or working on being fell by a beaver/beavers. Guess those critters are busy! The bank by the creek got washed out too. Be careful, looks like a pretty good drop there now.
  12. I got those two out of a local river. Thanks to all for the welcome!
  13. Hey Everyone, From the Watervliet area here. I fish the Paw Paw river frequently and just recently got a boat big enough to fish the big lake. I'm looking forward to getting to know more about trolling techniques as well as getting to know people from the site. See ya on the water, Larry
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