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  1. Well I have been out of it lately.... Lost my best friend last year on the first day of the year,lost my step father in April, Lost my job in June, Lost My sister in Nov, Lost my father In March. Whats next......... But here is my trip to Fort Myers in Jan. I put together a 21 min video of the catches......btw the very first cast in the Gulf Of Mexico I landed a 34 lb red fish.... Rockfish http://www.rockfish44lb.com/Fish/FLA/256flavid.WMV
  2. Shot this from North Point ,Winthrop Harbor. its 11 mins long and very interesting how Lake Michigan can turn on you quick. 20 minutes after the fish was caught and all poles in, we fought 5-7 foot waves head on for three miles to the marina. First time in the 17.5 ft Osprey Tuffy and it handled it like a pro. The 150 merc efi had no problem either.Set the rpm's at 2200 and left it with no throttling involed. http://www.rockfish44lb.com/Fish/video/5-11-07%20---%20%20%20KING.WMV
  3. Had a great Fri,Sat, and Sunday out on the lake for some tastie perch. Caught a bunch o perch each day. Freezer is stocked and ready for more next week. The perch spawed out in chicago just from Friday to Sunday(no eggs today out of 54 perch) The males never got messy on the boat but did see some when fileting..... My son also got 3lb SM on Friday night A few pics than off to a nice steak dinner with the family...... HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL!!!!! Rockfish
  4. Well camera action was bad....the batteries are dead........ Here are a few. If they are fouled hooked I do keep them instead of feeding the gulls. Rockfish
  5. Went out Sat And Sun for some nice perch action. Hit the Chicago Light House and caught 26 nice jumbos with 10 or so at 10". Biggest perch was 14" which filet easy and tasted good. Sunday we caught limits of 12-14 ' perch for a 4 man crew. The perch are in ............. Rockfish
  6. Sounds like you guys had fun. I had to work today and tomorrow the lake should be rockin. Rockfish
  7. Welcome to the site Guy 3. Lets see , to do some salmon fishing on the big pond I would recomend North Point Marina. Slips there range from 2000 and up for the year . I have no clue if there is a waiting list also . Here is the link http://www.npmonline.com/ Next i would go to Waukengan Harbor. http://www.lrc.usace.army.mil/co-o/Wauk_Hbr.htm I know it might be a drive from your house but the fishing is best there all year . Good Luck rockfish
  8. Went out of North Point for the first time this year and went 13-13. Headed out to 120 fow water and started setting rods. First thing that happen was the kicker quit on me . Than the fish started hitting.... Never had a double but it was a constant flow. 11 cohos and 2 nice kings. Hot ticket for me was a OO red /green and gold fly set with a 5/8oz weight,back 40 feet.Also a white plastic/with a LBB fly set on rigger at 60 feet which took 4 cohos. Hot spoon was a copper stinger monkey puke and a green stinger monkey puke and a Hey Baby Rockfish
  9. I was wondering where and how much anyone pays for inside storage on a trailered boat? size also. Rockfish
  10. 95th is at the Illinois/Indiana boarder. Near the STATE LINE power house. Inland Steel? Pastrick? The southwest corner of the lake,you know the other side..Yeah thats it ....the other side LOL As we speak all the lures are coming off the poles and rigging for "LIVE" bait for the annual "Rockfish/Striper" trip.Only 8 more rods to go!!!!!!!! Here are some pic's for years past......... Here is a instructional video for all you folks never seen it in action.This one is only 21 mb http://www.rockfish44lb.com/Fish/rockfish95.WMV Rockfish
  11. Well here is the first report. Went 6-8 with in 3 hrs of trolling inside the break wall at 95th st. Set lines just after 7 am . The hot spoon was copper stinger monkey puke(scorpion) off a rigger set at 9 ft in 20ish fow. Speed was at 1.9-2.0 kts. That rigg took 3 fish. Also was hit a dr death,monkey puke,and wild thing(north point nailer,this spoon has out produce fish 3-1). 4 cohos and 2 small browns.The water temp was at 50 with simi clear waters.I went out with my son for few hours before we head down south for some striper action. Got home and took everything out of the boat for the trip south. Rockfish
  12. Thanks for the replys.... Remember I am a west coaster so I can trade trips also.....or visa versa...... I go out of Wintrop Harbor North Point Marina July to Oct and Chicago Lake front until June Here is my biggest king of last year, It was also my sons 14th B-Day. http://www.rockfish44lb.com/Fish/Sept%203rd%201500.WMV Rockfish PS Most of my videos are HUGE!!!!!! 100mb plus so you know.
  13. Here is a nice 12lb Brown caught on 3-25 out of 95th street. The catch Coho. Planning on a striper trip next week for a few days. Had my fill of the big pond for awhile. Rockfish
  14. Congrats Rich....I think... I am waiting for that brew. Rockfish
  15. Hi folks, As I read this more and I was interested in the ways you fisherman/women fished.Just found this site and was really impressed with it. I started fishing the south-west end of Lake Michigan last year and just want to learn as much as possible. Now I have been going out of 95th street/stateline for the last few weeks and have produced fish everytime so I must be doing something right. Wed I took my dad out and he was a kid in a candy store. We went 8-11 and the biggest fish was a 18lb Brown trout. Never seen a 75 year old man so happy. He is alos a video I made of the last couple trips until the camera took a dip(rut roe) Enjoy Rockfish http://www.rockfish44lb.com/Jason/CLF/Coho.WMV
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