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  1. Just signed on to the board, and was hoping to get some information about fishing on lake Michigan. I have lived in the gulf coast all of my life - fishing bays and offshore. I currently run a 26' Sea Cat Long range. It is great for this part of the gulf where we get lots of chop - 2 - 4 foot seas on 5 - 6 second periods. We do some trolling - mostly for billfish or wahoo - and use downrigger occassionally, and drift for bottom fish (snapper and grouper). We will be moving to Chicago (out near Oswego most likely) and am considering bringing the boat. I am interested in any info that can help: 1. Are there locations on the water/in a sling to store the boat? What do slip fees run? 2. Are there dry storage or stacks available, and what do they run? 3. Is my cat suited for fishing on lake michigan? I have looked at the marine forecasts and see wave height, but no info on the periods. 4. What kind of season exists for the targeted species? I am a member of a similar board in Houston (2coolfishing.com), and have always gotten good advice when needed - hoping to find the same here. Thanks Guy
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