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    sold / closed 14' boat/trailer SOLD

    Very Good condition,no leaks.....Motor is not for sale. $650 616 four oh three four 4 oh 5
  2. It's a single mast with dual reels, electric, works last I checked
  3. 1 Big Jon electric Planer Mast reels have been replaced with solid aluminum CNC machined reels. $100 (Holland MI)
  4. Do you have any more info on the fish hawk? is it connected via cable to the transducer? Current model is called 840 ..........? Thanx
  5. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "chalk".......if it is mineral deposit build up on the outdrive/lower unit and to a lesser degree on the hull,.....this build up is easily removed with MuriaticAcid. Now before you jump out of your skin and say ACID!!!!!????? this is sold at marine dealers in a product called "Zing" in a watered down,perfumed version. Something like $9.00 a 1/2 Qt. Full stregnth can be purchased at Menards ,....around $3. per gal............. This stuff will not hurt the gelcoat or PAINTED metal although, if left on raw metal for any legnth of time, it will eat it away.(in other words, it needs a thorough flushing when you're done cleaning) It easily removes any mineral build-up with only a gental brushing after sitting for about 5 minutes. Rubber gloves and a calm day are advised......... Harry
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