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  1. Hi Matt,

    Sorry took so long, have not been monitoring the site as much. The boat is out and at my mom and dad's. My dad had a heart procedure last week in Chicago and I have been waiting for him to get his strength back before I start fishing. Just have to put the batteries in and load the gear and will be ready to go, hopefully within a couple of weeks. Would enjoy having you come along if you get the chance, you can teach me some new tricks now that you are a professional! My cell is 231-598-0473.

  2. Hi Matt

    Not for sure yet what is going on, but if you can send me your phone # I will give you a call when I know what is going on


  3. The four times we have been out it has been few and far between, although we have caught fish each time out. Next time out I will probably just drop lines at about 100' and start exploring.

  4. Good to hear, tell him I said hi.

  5. I am glad to hear that your grandpa is feeling better. If you want, let me know if you want to go fishing.

  6. Hi Matt,

    Not sure yet, still have quite a few things to get ready. When I go out for the first time I would like to plan on catching feesh, not just ride around, so I am thinking it will be a few weeks yet. How are your fishing plans going?

  7. Hi Matt,

    I don't know if I will be able to go out yet or not. I had to take my boat down to Lakeside Motor Sports to have a seal kit put in one of the outdrives and I am not sure when I can go get it. If I do go out, it will be on Saturday and I will look you up. My handle is "The Big Bobber"

  8. Hi Matt,

    This year I trailered back and forth, next year I may rent a slip, it just depends on the cost. I go out of Ludington.


  9. Hi Matt,

    Small world, how did you do fishing this year?


  10. Hi Matt,

    Small world, how did you do fishing this year?


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