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  1. :mad: Some #*@^"%!$ thief broke into my boat around July 4th at Frankfort Muni Marina and cleaned me out. They stole 10 rods. Six Offshore Angler Gold Cups and four Shimano® Taloras. They also got eight Diawa SG47LCAs and two Shimano Tekota TEK700s. All of the equipment was new 3 years ago. They also took a large white/red box with probably close to 100 spoons. Any info leading to the capture and execution of the pricks involved will be rewarded. In the mean time thought I need to lock and load. I put a alarm on my boat but I need to buy new equipment. I really was happy with what I had but am open to suggestions as to what is the BEST (not cheapest) Offshore trolling rods and reels for Great Lakes Kings and Cohos. Thanks, Dan
  2. Leaving your gear out in the elements is hard on it also. The UV is not good for line. I don't think the heat in a closed up cabin can be too good for stuff either.
  3. We slip in Frankfort. I leave my riggers and electronics out but put rods away while not staying on the boat. I love to fish but also enjoy hunting so would not recommend boarding without the caps OK. Hope to splash her soon.
  4. Thanks. I Googled it and found it here for 157.99. I won't have to drill hole in transom. The angle is optimized for salt water instead of fresh though and it is a dual frequency single element not a dual beam like your transom mount Bill.
  5. I'm trying to avoid having a wire run over the gunnels or transom. Would like to keep it below deck. I don't see a duel beam (2 element) ducer which is bronze and through hull. The duel freq must have a single element which alternates frequency. Those have different angles then the duel beam transom mount.
  6. I thank you for your replies and advice. I have a Garmin 178c plotter with both data cards for the great lakes. I have not had any problems and it actually has a sonar built in. I have not used this feature but it supposedly has 500w RMS. I could get by with just buying a transducer but I'm not sure if it supports dual frequency. Whatever I do I will be installing a bronze through the hull ducer. I probably will buy the Garmin 340c that way the ducer will be compatible as backup on the 178c plotter/sonar. That 340c comes in two different models, one for salt and the other for fresh water. The cone (beam) angle is different. Does anyone know what difference that makes? I want to make the ducer flush to hull so I don't foul the trailer bunks during launch and haul out. Where is the best online place to buy? Doc
  7. I fish Frankfort. 28 foot boat. Generally 70 to 220 FOW. Downrigger and most other presentations. My FF died and I want to replace it once. Which Brand and model would you Pro Captins recommed? Is color important? Single or dual freq? How about the transducer? My old unit used shoot through and sucked. It was basicly a depth finder. I'm looking for top quality and preformance with value comming in third place. Suggestions apreciated. Doc
  8. Thanks, I check it out. My boat is a Bayliner 2859.
  9. I have been a boot fisherman all my life and although I haven't hung up my waders for a last time I decided to buy a boat and get my lovely bride involved. Cindy and I looked at boats for 2 years before we settled on a compromise (and went with what she wanted) a Bayliner 2859, " DanCyn Waves". I had my doubts about this as a Great Lakes fishing boat but with a little work and alot of green it turned out to be very fishable and quite comfortable even for a week. We harbor in Bay City where I work. We had only targeted eyes and perch untill last Sept when we trailered her to Frankfort and had a fantastic week. Both of us are hooked now and we are looking forward to learning the tricks of this new (to us) sport. Dan
  10. I want to mount a rocket launcher to my hardtop. It would be quite a reach though. I see Bert's makes a tilt bar with gas assist. Has anyone seen this and what do you think? Dan
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