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  1. here are a few pictures of it- caught jigging a gold sonar. http://s280.photobucket.com/albums/kk164/chessieohio/
  2. if anyone wants more information on this- i have a pretty nice powerpoint show at work that we send out- send me an email to [email protected] and ill get it out to you as soon as possible. George
  3. Just thought i would stop in and introduce myself. Im George Uhl 21 years old originally from Pittsburgh,Pa. Graduated High school then Joined the Coast Guard where im currently am a search and rescue and law enforcement billet. I recently aquired my captains license and hopefully plan on turning this into a full deal after my coast guard career. Been fishing Erie since i was 6, and worked on charter boats as a first mate out of ashtabula mostly since i was 14. I fish the central basin primarily- cleveland,geneva,ashtabula. Nice to be onboard with you guys.
  4. im running the eagle fishmark 500c color fishfinder/gps combo and i love it. Great detail, easy to use, and the price tag is affordable.
  5. i bought a hardtop last year and its the best thing going now in my oppinion. Nothing staying dry after getting caught in some snotty weather 10 miles offshore.
  6. Capt ray hooked me up with this site and im glad he did it looks like its well put together and run. Im 21 (almost 22, man im getting old) in the Coast Guard stationed in cleveland. Recently got my Captain license a few months ago where i plan on using it in Cleveland/Geneva/Ashtabula. Im running a 24ft Thompson 240 fisherman now, hoping to upgrade to a 30fter next year or so, i got my eyes on a sportcraft,baja,or cherokee
  7. i agree jess, i think its going to be another good one.
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