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  1. we fished the lower river from the 31 bridge to the mouth the last 2 weekends . Plenty of fish , all over 20 lb . Casting Storm Thunderstick Deep Diver JR Hot Tiger , Chrome / black were the best colors . would suggest 30 lb braid as we broke off quite a few fish using 20lb Morning bite was by far the best. probably averaged 8 fish on each trip out , hold on and hope your drags hold up.
  2. Agree with the other guys. Now keep you're pieces of meat that have the bones in a seperate bag . We keep those from all season then take the larger fish and fall fish and pressure cook that meat. Tablespoon of salt and french salad dressing in a pint jar , pressure cook per cooker instructions . Very good with crackers and also good with a very small amount of relish and mayo mixed in
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