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  1. Jdh, thank you for the info. i'm sure it will help. I guess what i am trying to identify is a base line on how the copper depth is achieved. then i can account for all the variables. assuming only variables, here are the copper's length, and speed. if i have one end of the copper at the water line will the other end be at the drive charts depth? Or do i need i need to let out (??) anoumt of backing? like min. 10 yards ......
  2. Looking at setting up a couple copper rigs. I have read and researched but cannot find an answer to one question. Q: how much line is needs to be let out, after the copper to hit you target depth? Example: Blood run 32lb 250’ of copper at 2.5 mph will reach 40’ So, I let the leader (say 20’) & copper out, a total of 270’ (one end copper is at or near surface of water) Q: Is the End of my copper at 40’ at this point? Q: Do I need to let an additional 50’ or 100’ (etc.) to reach 40’? Q: If l let out 200’ of backing, will it go deeper? Or does the copper just start to flatten out and run at 40’ ? thank you for Patience's Craig
  3. Well, I’ve opened my mouth and inserted foot again. I mention to my son that we should head over to Muskegon and try some Salmon fishing. Now he is excited for the trip, but I am having a hard time finding information, as it will be a 2.5+ hour drive I’d like to make the trip worth it for him. What I have is a 17’ aluminum boat, 60kp outboard, I do take it on some rivers, my boy goes with me every year to the Maumee Now. Is there any action in Muskegon Lake or Lower part of the river? Is Croton Dam production anything? Are they still in Lake Michigan? Any help would be great Thanks Craig
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