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  1. We run 3 Downriggers on our 31' Tiara Open and our trailerable 22' Islander. I believe 3 downriggers is the most you need no matter what size boat you have. If I personally had to outfit any boat smaller than 22' I would only go with 2 downriggers and a lot of everything else (Lead Core, Copper, Divers, etc.). I think less downriggers means more bites and action. With 3 downriggers you get a lot less tangles with lines and wires crossed like in years past, as well. We usually run 3 downriggers, around 10 Lead Cores and Copper (surface boards, etc.), and 4 Divers in our "normal" charter spread. The only time I think 5 downriggers would be beneficial is in the harbors in the fall.

  2. I personally believe the direction of troll is the most important "aspect" in continously catching fish. Once we find a troll in the morning we usually stay on it until we absolutely do not get anymore bites. Then we turn around and go the complete opposite direction we just trolled. Some days we may be on the same troll the entire duration of the trip or until we have limited out. For example, if we are on a SW troll we will turn around and go on a NE troll. Or if a North troll is great we will troll all the way to Muskegon or however far is necessary and then just run back to Grand Haven. Our goal is to get the Divers rods and Planer Boards perfectly lined up in your troll and into the current. This is the easiest and simplest way to do it without having to use a Fish Hawk, etc. We like to go directly into the current and then directly with the current (complete opposite direction).

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