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  1. Hi, they look great, now they need to catch some fish, thanks for putting the hooks on, will send you pictures, happy Fourth
  2. Thank you, confusing times, have a great summer, fishing and selling lures, those are art works
  3. Did you get $15 yet, paypal showed it paid, then I got a email requesting payment, didn't know what was up, I had to put 20 in the acct, just happened, are you waiting for payment, can send asap, K
  4. Thanks for the pictures, they are beautiful, you do nice work, I just have too many now that I don't use, also got to go fishing, that helps, K 37/8
  5. [email protected] James Walker 386 Beach Ave Rochester, NY. 14612 Thank you
  6. I typed don't, the smartphone corrected me, lol
  7. Hi don't, would like to buy 2 of your new addition that caught the 15 fish, have paypal, K. JimWalker
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