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  1. Thanks Marty. I think I'm going to try 12" behind the cap and 60" up the other side of the cap. Should give me enough runway for the rigger off the back with plenty for space for other items like the rod tree (good idea).
  2. Thanks JD!!! I agree. I am planning to mount a 12" Berts Track behind the gas cap for the Big Johns and a 48" track up the side for the Cannon Digitrol Mag 10s and Big John planer masts. I don't trust the sport track mounts to be strong enough and my experience with berts tracks has been very good. I have a similar set up on the Starcraft 196 Fisherman today and it rocks even when you have all four go off at nearly the same time.
  3. I am getting ready to lay down some cash on a 2021 Lund Tyee Magnum 2075 with Merc 225 and 15HP Pro kicker. I would like to run Big John Captains Packs straight out the back and Cannon Digitroll Mag 10s out the side as well as two planer board masts on either side. What are my best options for mounting the downriggers based on your experience? The downriggers are on 6" riser swivel mounts. I appreciate any advice based on your experience.
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