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  1. Awesome night on the lake last night. fished 95-105 ft of water about 8 miles north of the pier. Went 8 for 15. 7 kings 1 laker. Caught fish from 20 to 70 down. Caught fish on almost everything we put in the water. Mag blue dolphin and regular size green dolphin were the best. fished from 7 - 10pm.
  2. Fishing remains awesome in south haven. My oldest son and i set lines about 7:30 last night ended 10 for 16 by 9:30. We had fish on everything we put in the water. Stayed in 80 - 85 foot the whole time. Fish were caught between 20 and 80 down. Ended with 1 laker, 2 coho, and 7kings. Hopefully be back out sunday.
  3. Fished south haven thursday night, got out around 7:30 not much going until the sun hit the water. When it did it was game on. Ended up 6 for about 15. Alot of fish slapping the baits. Everything in the water caught fish so they werent picky. 80 -90 feet of water 30- 80 down. Saturday night same program. Soon as sun hit the water ended 7 for about 20-25. All steelies and kings. Maybe some coho slapping the baits. Super slim toxic toad down 25 on rigger could not keep in the water. Had 3 hits while setting the rod and dont think it was in the rod holder more than 2 minutes at any time. All fish between 80 -85 feet and 25- 60 down. Most fish 25 - 30 down.