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  1. UPS Ground says 25 Lbs, box 16x26x8 , $40.30 plus ill need to send one boom in a USPS triangle box, probably around $10 +/- is that too much ?
  2. OK< I have better pictures with riggers cleaned up and set up, but I dont know how to edit post.
  3. I can weigh them, and calculate the rough cost of UPS, the downrigger arms will have to be shipped separately in a USPS triangle shaped box, as one is 48", OK ? what is your zip code for UPS calculation ? Jack
  4. two Walker electric Downriggers, two rod holders, sorry but I only have one 48" boom. No Bases, will need 2 new female electric connectors, They work OK, found in storage, Sell all for $125.00 Pick up only in 13790 area. too heavy to ship. SOLD SOLD
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