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  1. Thanks a lot for the replies. I still have not purchased the autopilot unit as of yet. I did purchase 2 simrad go 9 one for sonar the other for gps and possibly linking for auto pilot. I was leaning tward simrad ap44 autopilot. However I’m still not sure due to so many that like the Raymarine. Finchasher if you have any pictures of setup,and what pump,you used , that would b great.
  2. I’m looking to put a auto pilot on Sportcraft 252 with a inboard 5.7 (hydraulic steering) Looking for any advice on what system to put on the boat. Looking to put now screen and auto pilot on the boat and can’t figure what to go with. Looked at Garmin reactor and simrad ap. Any insight would be great. Thanks
  3. Was hoping to see some good reports from that area. We just left Ludington and it’s slowww way down after Labor Day. Labor was really good. Lund was running a lil late this year. Figured things would be better down south. We hope to hit ps later this week.
  4. Was out last night and pond most fish seemed to clear out. Not a lot of marks sporadic and mostly on East end by mouth. Few surfacing. We are going to hit big lake later today and Friday- sat. We did well out side of piers Sunday until wind picked up and pushed in harbor. Did mark fish in harbor. Buddy pulled 4 fish in side while we went 2-3 just outside north pier.(35-48 fow) 25 down 50’ off rigger ace hi mother of pearl ladder back was no1. Has been all year. Just ran up to tangled tackle and bought 4 more. Kings are destroying plugs. Also picked one on half chin with pickle sunshine. 1a bait this year. We been pulling some real big fish this year. 20 lb and 30 lb biggest. Lots of 20 lb Just not big number days. But we are very happy to pull few fish even if numbers seem down. Seems as big push headed up what does anyone think about more fish coming and where to start. I heard coho and steel were out at 180 Sunday. Anyone been out or have advise for start later today and tomorrow?
  5. Fished Ludington Friday before the big blow. Did really well straight out 70-100. Ace hi mother pearl best bait. All plug bite. 250 copper and rigger 55 down. Temp break was at 55 mark I 12 degree diff. Once we dialed in in temp we did real well 4-8 all mature kings ingest 29 lbs Lost two at the boat and one break Big front came in about 830 and blew us off. Back inane loaded by 9.
  6. That’s awesome. Thanks a lot. Hoping wind cooperates this weekend. We can’t wait to get out. Thanks again
  7. First off thank for all great info on here. First time poster. Can any tell me where the projects and bath house are in Ludington? My son and I are new to the area, we are hoping to get better understanding of areas. Actually first year salmon fishing. Just got a fish hawk on and ready to break it in. We will be up that way for the next couple weeks. Will post if we do any good.
  8. What is the best you will take for unit?
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