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  1. What setups would u try to run with 4 lines in some what murky water
  2. Does anyone have any experience trying to catch chinook salmon at night on a reservoir. Wondering if it's worth my time to try and if it is what depth should I try.
  3. Water is not crystal clear but clearer than most lakes I've been on.im usually running anywhere from 60 to 100 feet but most of my fish have come from 80 to 100. I mark lots of fish higher in the water column just cant seam to get the bites there
  4. I run four lines on down riggers boat dont give you much room on this lake so if u run divers eventually your gunna get it hooked on someone else's line and I run moonshine spoons mainly
  5. I'm fishing a lake in Montana called fort peck. Not sure if everything will relate to my lake but I figured cant hurt to try some new things
  6. How do I know when I should be running a flasher in front of my spoon and when to use a spoon by itself
  7. Hi so I see alot of people using spoons for chinook with good success. But in the 5 years I've been fishing for salmon only had one come off a spoon. Looking for some advice on what depth spoons should be run at and when to use spoons with flashers and when to just run a spoon.
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