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  1. Greetings - we are selling our trolling spoon company as we move into the saltwater market. Our company is Fub Wobbler trolling Spoons. Originally launched in the 1970's out of the South Haven Michigan area. The original owner was a local engineer and avid salmon fisherman who designed and created the Fub Wobbler trolling spoon. It is available in over 130 designs and three sizes, basically a small , medium, and large. The Large or Magnum is currently our most popular and measures 4.25". The medium is 3.5" and the small is 2-3/8". Our current inventory consists of approximately 5000 finished spoons in our original designs, plus another 5000 plus blanks waiting to be finished. These come with our current packaging, including the card stock and blister cover (the plastic cover over the spoon on the packaging) and the heat/pneumatic sealer. Included are Eagle Claw hooks(two sizes) and rings. Also a large inventory of tape colors. All products are American made. The sale also includes the original tools and dies (the molds to shape and cut the spoons) for the three spoon sizes. This allows you to make unlimited amounts of the Fub Wobblers at your discretion. Also included is the logo and the website(you pay the monthly fees for the website). Check out the product at Fubwobbler.com This is a ready to go set up for any Captain who wants to own their brand and have complete control over color and pattern designs. Also excellent for anyone who wants to enter the multi billion dollar fishing lure industry. There are a multitude of paths you can take with this. We were just a father and two sons who had a blast with it, you can too. The asking price is $15k. It is turn key and ready to go. Feel free to message me here with any questions or reach out to me at [email protected] All the best, Dan
  2. Fub Wobbler trolling spoons has extended it's Summer sale. Buy any of our spoons at regular pricing and we'll include a free spoon for every spoon ordered! Just mention Great Lakes Fisherman when placing your order! Find us at Fubwobbler.com
  3. Spring Special!!!! Buy any of our Fub Wobbler trolling spoons, mention Great Lakes Fisherman, and we will include one free trolling spoon for every spoon purchased at regular price. Free spoons are selected by our staff and come in one our original color combo patterns. Check us out at Fubwobbler.com
  4. Captains, mention Great Lakes Fisherman and get one free strolling spoon for everyone that you order! Fub Wobbler will match any paid for spoon with one of our original design spoons, you pick the size! Check us out at FubWobbler.com
  5. Check out Fubwobbler.com for the latest trolling spoon offerings. Mention "Great Lakes Fisherman" when ordering and we'll throw in some free bonus spoons! We have 30 new color combos designed for the Great Lakes!
  6. Fub Wobbler trolling spoons! Check out Fubwobbler.com joined_video_d41f1741f50143a983a44d74ecd6a41c.mp4
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