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  1. Alright everyone, I joined this board because no one local to me (South Carolina) uses the large board and mast system. Everyone uses the inline planer boards. So I joined here because I figured you guys would be the right people to talk to to learn this technique. Personally I don’t like to run the inline boards designed for striper and catfish trolling because they tend to dive when fighting a fish even after they release and also I like to use a set of medium light striper rods for most of my fishing and these boards pull to much on those setups. Im thinking my solution is to give the big boards a shot. My plan is to build a set and run a fixed line from my T Top initially to make sure they do well for me before getting a reel system. My only concern is speed, which may not be an issue but I have no one here to ask. When trolling for catfish and striper in cold weather we pull as slow as .3 mph and the boards we use here do plane out well at these low speeds. Will these larger boards pull out well at slow speed? The max i typically pull is 1mph in warmer weather with boards. On the other end of things, I also troll umbrella rigs and Alabama rigs straight out the back of the boat but not ones as large as used in saltwater. I typically pulled these anywhere from 2.5-4mph. Being able to pull these with the boards or not is not a deal breaker but will a typical big board set up handle this? The answers to these questions may be why no one here uses this system but I have no way of knowing till I ask. Thanks for any help and if this seems like a possible technique I’m sure I will be frequenting this board to talk to you guys about it! Thanks, Steven
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