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  1. A couple summers ago when I first started using braid I got some 15lb power pro and tied on a 15lb fluoro leader with a double uni knot. I was fishing a Senko and a 26lb flathead grabbed hold of it. That fish fought like it was a whale, but the knot held up without any issues. I was pretty impressed.
  2. So I have decided to try to spawn bag fishing as well as the spoons. So I ordered some nice spawn bags already tied up of Amazon and I also got some mustad #2 circle hooks. I’m assuming these are the correct size hooks because I watched a couple videos on it and that’s what the guy was using
  3. That's basically the same rig I've been using. Seems to work pretty good, unless I run into some obstructions.I thought the snags were because of the pointed corners on the pyramid sinkers, but round sinkers can get hung up as well. Snags seem to be all I'm catching lately, lol. I did catch a really nice 15lb channel cat the other day (on the stink bait), but nothing on live fish or cutbait.
  4. Brand new, never used Akios S-Line 656 CSM. Beautiful reel, very well made. Specs are as follows: Carbon multi disc drag Brass anti-corrosion chromed sideplates 2 stainless bearings in the spool Machined brass gears Synchronised level-wind Stainless steel power handle Corrosion resistant IAR bearing Line out alarm (clicker) Mag/centrifugal brake system Includes original box, manual, felt reel case, oil and reel tool. Selling for $180, plus $14.50 for shipping (priority mail).
  5. Since it's my birthday I decided to get myself decent rod. I just picked up a St Croix Triumph 8' 6" MHF. Can't wait to put it together and hit the pier.
  6. Hi everyone. Just joined. I'm starting to fish out at the pier for kings (or whatever bites). Haven't been pier fishing since I was a kid and went with my dad fishing for perch with cane poles. I'd like to use a spinning setup so I've been doing a lot of research on google for information and rods and reels. Watched a few videos on fishing for salmon on the piers in Lake Michigan, and I've also joined a couple Michigan fishing forums (including this one now) to get even more advice from all you seasoned big lake fishermen. Anyway, I've narrowed the reel choice down to an Okuma Epixor XT 40, but I'm still searching for a good rod. I've got some KO Wobblers to throw around, but I could use some suggestions on other lures and bait. One old guy in a local tackle store was showing me this Ugly Stik rod for fishing with roe, but that thing is 10' 10" and seems pretty whippy for pulling in a big king. The longest rod I own is 7' 6", which is a Daiwa Aird X. Any suggestions advice on a good salmon rod to go with the Epixor and some lures and tactics would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Hi everyone. Recently I decided to hit the pier and try for some big lake fish. I haven't been to the pier since I was a kid with my dad fishing for perch with cane poles. There's a lot to learn so I've been googling around for info and decided to join some Michigan fishing forums to learn from other anglers. Basically I've been a Bass fisherman for a a while now and this year I started trying for some big catfish. Different gear, techniques and more stuff to learn. Then I watched a couple videos on guys here in Michigan catching big kings off the piers and I decided to give that a try as well. Well more stuff to learn, lol. So that is why I am here - to learn from you guys and ask questions and hopefully share some great catches.
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