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  1. Thanks for the guidance man. A loop makes total sense now. Regular casting fishing (which is what I’ve done my whole life) doesn’t have a lot of instances where you’re tying a loop for a snap swivel.
  2. Ok that makes sense. I’m a little confused with the flashers I bought though. They’re pro troll flashers. Why do they have a snap swivel on the tail of the flasher with the snap facing toward the rear leader for the fly? If anything wouldn’t you want the snap swivel tied to your leader and then you’d connect that to the tail swivel of your flasher? It just seems backwards to me.
  3. I like the improved Albright knot for line to line. Hey how would I go about tying lead core line to a flasher? What knot or what’s the technique? I know I will lose some depth of the lead core with having a flasher but need some advice on what knot to use. Basically I want to run a set of planer boards with lead core and a flasher/fly combo shallow.
  4. Are you tying all of the lines together or using a swivel anywhere in between all of the different lines?
  5. Sounds good. Why don’t you just clip right to the braid? I’m finding that some guys do and some don’t.
  6. Thanks for the advice. My plan is 5 and 7 color maximum right now so I should be good then.
  7. Also, is there any special clip I should use for salmon?
  8. Mostly Sheboygan port. Will the church walleye boards work with the weight of 5 and 7 color leadcore? Is there a certain model number board made by Church that they are?
  9. Hey everyone, new member here. So lately I decided to get into trolling Lake Michigan for salmon. I’ve been a fisherman my whole life from fishing small inland lakes from a boat to wading rivers for bass and northern. I currently have a deep v 18’ boat with rod holders but no downriggers yet. I’ve learned to use dipsy’s so far but would like to get into planer boards for my outside lines using 27# 5 and 7 color lead core with planer boards. I’ve never used planer boards or leadcore for that matter. What size planer boards (brand and model) would work with 5 and 7 color leadcore for salmon on Lake Michigan? And what type boards would be best for a beginner (one with a tattle flag, w/o flag, ease of operation....etc)? Thanks in advance.
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