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  1. My dad and I went out Thursday (10mph) out of the Southwest. Didn't make it to the pier but did okay from the mouth to rotating switch bridge.
  2. Capmike.......I noticed last week that MC really offers very little "PROTECTION" from the wind as you said....though I was out on a calm day. I certainy have no desire to try it on a windy day.
  3. Had a great time fishing Coho out of conveniently located Michigan City Tuesday. What else can be had this time of year over the course of the next couple weeks? I do not run down riggers so I am limited to trolling cranks, jigging, deep divers ect. (no smallmouth varmints please) Lakers? Kings? Any help getting started is greatly appreciated.
  4. Yoy guys have been a tremendous help thank you very much! My son and I had a triple Tuesday Evening!
  5. What break wall protected areas would you recommend out of Portage? Thanks
  6. Thank you. The reason I refer to MC is because I am somewhat familiar with if from shore fishing years ago and it is only an hour away. My craft is 18 so I don't anticipate heading out in any kind of wind. Any more advice I appreciate. I am new and learning.
  7. Guys I am new to forum. I guess I won't get my boat in for a week or two (ice). I need educated in the following areas.... I anticipate trolling inside the break wall of Michigan City guessing there are plenty of fish there. I don't know what speed to start at. What are my best options if I show up for some shore fishing this week or next?
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