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  1. Richwon4

    Michigan City Coho

    Capmike.......I noticed last week that MC really offers very little "PROTECTION" from the wind as you said....though I was out on a calm day. I certainy have no desire to try it on a windy day.
  2. Richwon4

    New to it...

    Had a great time fishing Coho out of conveniently located Michigan City Tuesday. What else can be had this time of year over the course of the next couple weeks? I do not run down riggers so I am limited to trolling cranks, jigging, deep divers ect. (no smallmouth varmints please) Lakers? Kings? Any help getting started is greatly appreciated.
  3. Richwon4

    Michigan City Coho

    Yoy guys have been a tremendous help thank you very much! My son and I had a triple Tuesday Evening!
  4. Richwon4

    Michigan City Coho

    What break wall protected areas would you recommend out of Portage? Thanks
  5. Richwon4

    Michigan City Coho

    Thank you. The reason I refer to MC is because I am somewhat familiar with if from shore fishing years ago and it is only an hour away. My craft is 18 so I don't anticipate heading out in any kind of wind. Any more advice I appreciate. I am new and learning.
  6. Richwon4

    Michigan City Coho

    Guys I am new to forum. I guess I won't get my boat in for a week or two (ice). I need educated in the following areas.... I anticipate trolling inside the break wall of Michigan City guessing there are plenty of fish there. I don't know what speed to start at. What are my best options if I show up for some shore fishing this week or next?