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  1. EdB, I launch out of bolles occasionally, especially to fish the dumping grounds or if I’m going near the state line. I launch out of SSP if the reports say they’re up near stony or fermi. I’m 20 minutes or so from the launch so I spend a lot of time out there and bounce from launch to launch. Hoping the ice clears out soon to actually get some lines in the water.
  2. Hey everyone, my names matt and I’m from Michigan. I mainly fished Lake Erie for walleye prior to last year. I decided it was time to fish Lake Michigan for silver and fell in love. I went out of south haven for the majority of my trips, but did fish a few different ports as well. I only used dipsys and downriggers last season and can’t wait to get out and try running copper in my spread now. I’m hoping to do as well as I did last year, but just enjoying being out on the big lake. I look forward to learning from you guys and hopefully I can add some things I’ve learned that may help out some people as well.
  3. I run a Lund 1750 rebel with the same sport track. My advice is to look into a track system such as Cisco or traxstech. I ran traxstech tracks and vert tree last year, and just bought berts ratecheting holders this winter for my dipsys. I run my riggers, which are walkers, off my tracks in a traxstech swivel base. The nice part of the track system is I can move things around to suit my needs. Also, adding new holders doesn’t require the purchase of new bases. My first season for salmon was last year and I learned a lot. Mainly, dipsy rods put a ton of strain on the trees. I did a lot of research prior to setting up my rig and what I found was most people prefer to run a track vs mounting directly to the sport track itself. Hope this helps and good luck.
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