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  1. same deal as redskin on glanger.com..... best rig for us was monkey puke off or a board... even picked up a king off of a board with a 1/4 oz bead chain sinker right off the top... a few j's off of leadcore fired, and a few dipsys but we ended up an almost embarrising 6 for 12-14. lost a few really nice board and dipsy bites close to the boat. had a reallly nice double hook up of snags on a core and a dipsy in 50 fow... j/k... lucky not to lose the line... thanks a ton to redskin for all the help.. really nice to meet you today, hope to see you in sheboygan on sat. d.o.c. out... whittsend.
  2. This sub-category of WI reports in the lake Michigan reports looked too lonely to leave with no posts, so I thought I would leave one post, with the hopes that others will start to leave more. I will try to post actual fishing reports this weekend when I actually get to do some fishing!! .... C'mon cheeseheads, I know we can do better... look at all those MI reports!! Whittsend
  3. I don't mean to speak for everyone, I was just voicing an opinion... I posted the same question on glangler.com, and there are many people who like the larger, more encompassing thread vs the smaller sub-categorized threads... So please don't take my one opinion as the voice of the mojority because there may be others who feel otherwise. I am headed to port wash/sheboygan this weekend, and will try to post some reports... sounds like the fishing was awesome this week, hope it continues! Thanks, Whittsend
  4. Sounds good, I'll try to get some posts up from the WI side... It would be really nice to have threads that are geared towards subcategories, or regions... In my case, it would be nice to separate Western lake Michigan and Eastern lake Michigan reports... I know some guys travel, but I would think most guys hang around their home port, or at least usually fish the same side of the lake. Not that its a big deal to sort through the mixed MI/WI reports, but when I was beginning I had no idea where some of these ports were, and it was confusing... Might be faster or easier to just choose "Western Lake Michigan Reports" and not have to view all the reports from the whole lake. I don't mean to sound rude, and I really wish all of us the best of luck on the water, but to be honest I don't have much desire to read reports from ports across the lake that I have zero knowledge about.... Maybe others do, however, just my 2 cents... Thanks! Whittsend
  5. Sorry for the possibly stupid question, but I was viewing the Lake Michigan reports and saw very few reports from western lake Michigan... I.e., the Wisconsin side... Am I missing something, or is this site not really geared towards us cheeseheads... Or has it just not caught on over here yet? Sorry, I hope this isn't a dumb question, but glangler.com has been down lately, and I have had a hard time getting my fix of WI fishing reports Thanks for the input... Whittsend
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