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  1. I am thinking about heading back to Iowa this weekend for the Ditch Parrot ;)opener. Anyone interested in going? I own a 240 acre farm, and I lease another 100 acres with it. It is all river bottom, wetlands, and CRP. Plus a 18 acre gravel pit. I still own my house there 15 miles from the farm. and have plenty of room. My 2 oldest sons rent it. Scary thought I know. I think the cost to hunt with all the license/stamps is around $90.00. The trip is around 565 miles door to door. (I live in Muskegon) about 8.5 hours. Thinking about leaving Friday sometime and returning Sunday or Monday. You can buy licenses across the counter at any wall mart. To see the farm click on the following; http://terraserver.microsoft.com/image.aspx?T=1&S=12&Z=15&X=528&Y=5907&W=1&qs=%7cEagle+Grove%7cIowa This is a pretty cool site if you have never been on it, you can find any spot you need in the USA, You can see the gravel pits in the pic. All the fields on the farm are now CRP or wetland/food plots. I own from the river North to the Point where the roads meet and the T intersection East. If you are interested let me know. I went back in Sept. for some duck hunting on the pits and there were alot of parrots crowing. Pretty easy walking for the most part. Don't know if any paths have been mowed or not. B-inlaw lives 1 mile away. Has all the cool big boy toys. But can always use blockers.:eek You may see couple of 150 class deer also. Shot four out of there but that is another story. 3-4 people to go with, would be a good number. email me at [email protected] or private message me.
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