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  1. The Ludington Offshore Classic. We weren't fishing it, but a lot of boats came down from Ludington and you could hear tournament control from where we were . The coast guard wanted everyone off the lake before a big storm came through.
  2. 7/16pm-Caught 4 out of Pentwater. 2 Kings, 1 coho, 1 lake trout. Fished south in front of the sand dunes. Between 100 and 120 feet. Coho on white fish catcher and a colorful squid down 115. 1st king which was pushing 20lbs on Moonshine Purple Nurple 75 down. Lake trout down 87 on fish green catcher and purple fly. Shaker king on Michael jackson 75 down. A little bumpy out. Based on talking with some of the guys we were the only ones catching fish. 7/17am- Bounced around in the waves for a couple hours with no hits. We were trolling in when they called the tournament and decided it was time to quickly get off the lake. Overall not bad for the first time out in a couple years.
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