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  1. See in today's paper the University of Notre Dame found that the carp have breached the river into the shipping canal. Now it is a matter of time. www.jsonline.com/news/wisconsin/70573047.html Mlive.com Detroit Free Press This is a quote from the Detroit Free Press “This DNA evidence is the best we have, and we believe it’s very accurate. But what we have not done is to find an actual carp body in these areas where sampling is telling us their genetic material may be. We still have not seen an actual carp show up.”
  2. California only, Washington and Oregon have 4 seasons
  3. I think I have every body beat- my first year was 1959 Kodiak alaska where I grew up until I moved to michigan. I just recently moved to longview wa right on the columbia river where some of the worlds best salmon and steelhead fishing is found. Oh by the way season starts in 2 weeks getting the boat ready
  4. Purdy commercial fishing co. out of Sarnia Ontario reported that they have caught a 45# 3 meter long asian carp out of southern lake huron last week, and the Canadian fishery department comfirmed it. Thats all we need now with the way the lakes are.
  5. 4 of us fished saturday also and we did the same pattern . Killed them down by the first plug , all on harnesses color did'nt matter 4 man limit and it was alot of fun coming back in those 6'ers
  6. Went out this am with 4 buddys out of Au gres but ended up going down to Standish and banged them with meat and inlines had a 4 man limit in just a little over 2 hrs. The walleye have moved south again, see the indians bought great lakes marina with plans of tearing down and putting in a new harbor for the big boats so they can gamble at the new casino
  7. On June 23rd there will be a walleye tournament held by Macks Lure in Au Gres. !00 dollars per 2 man team 100% payback 23 spots left contact Bernie at mackslure.com
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    Glf give Rob Stratton a call he makes alot of them for web sites and not that expensive he makes Walleye Centrals 1-810-516-1427 :)
  9. kuz

    Boat Names

    EYE TERMINATOR That's what I like to fish for
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