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  1. REEL- yes, that's what I was debating... updating all rigs like you ssuggestion. Still have 2 and 3 color to do...I set up 2ea 150CU, 225CU, 300CU, a 400CU, and two ea. 5 and 10 colors with 10yds 30#mono, then 200yds-250yds of 50#PP then weighted line (45#bloodrun super CU or 27#Suffix Lead core) followed by 30' of 30#fluoro. They were a mix and it frustrated me to have inconsistent reel configurations so I switched them all but the 2 and 3 cores. Per the suggestions, I'll be updating those... hell I have this much into it why stop now!!???
  2. Yeah, that's what I was thinking... just didn't want to if I didn't need to (walleye don't care how long it is)... so off goes the mono and on goes my preferred 50#PP. By the way, if you do a line twist of 4-6 times with braid on the back of the board (clips on the ORs or pin on the Church's) there's no slip. Same concept for how we spin the line to hook your downrigger lines to the releases (specifically Black's). I used to run a small section of mono but figured that was another section that could fail. Now it's 50#PP HiVis Yellow to the Copper/Core then a small 30' section of fluoro. Thanks for the info all! Shoe
  3. Agree with Hook... ☝️☝️ 4 days and no fish on Plugs/Spoons/Meat out of Pentwater... everything they hit had a 11" paddle on green or white flies... it changes, but the last few days for us have been paddles/flashers and we've tried to get the spoons/plugs and meat to work... it wasn't like we put them away back in the box. As for the advice on length behind the ball.... like others say, depends on time of day and what's being pulled. I also like a paddle on a rigger as I think it draws to the middle of the spread and then the tasty critters can swim off and see the rest of our fluttering hooked morsels.
  4. Ok, just hoping for some insight... I spooled a few 2 and 3 color reels a while back and wanted to hear opinions of backer. I used 25# Big Game and after running through the counter found that I have 100yds of back behind the 2 and 3 lead. I've got 20 and 30 power pro ready to load, but was curious what other thought about 100yds of mono backer for Silver Fish. I've used it for walleye and realize it's overkill. In fact, for most applications I'd use in Lake Michigan, I'd not have a single problem. However, I've seen some of these Silvers coming out lately and all are getting fatter with a decrease in stocking (and apparently the decrease in bait???) and thought it might be worth considering to switch to PP to get more backer behind the core. I'm fine with all my other rigs for deeper applications. So I put these 2 and 3 color set ups on Diawa 27SHs that can hold 100yds of mono, 2 or 3 colors and 30' of Fluoro currently. Thoughts? Thanks All! Shoe
  5. 8/14 - 105fow - Silver Lake Dunes area - 2 for 3 - 8# and 26# Kings with a small shaker coho lost just back of the boat. Didn't run Laker program... 225 Diver#3 setting - south troll - 8:00am - White Large Paddle - Frosted Willie Fly - 26#r 200 Copper - north troll - 9:30am - White Large paddle - blue ice fly - 8#r Lots of bait balls on the near side of the ledge Two other charters showed up at the cleaning station each with 9 fish... one had 2 kings and the other had 5... rest were greasers (one brown) 8/15 - same area as yesterday (I wasn't on this trip but will report for my buddy - Sal-Eye) 2 for 2 225 Diver#3 setting - White Large Paddle - Frosted Willie Fly - 31#r (big dark male with Kype) 300 Copper - White Large Paddle - Frosted Willie Fly - 19#r Days prior (8/12 and 8/13), we'd be doing well on the 300 Copper with Kevin's Girlfriend Spin Doctor and Riverside BTI Fly... 3 for 4... 2 kings and a laker No fish on Meat, Plugs or Spoons in 4 days of fishing. Everything came on a larger paddle fly. Good luck out there! Shoe
  6. I'd agree on this,... if Commercial guys are using the netted public fish for profit, then they should have to publish GPS coordinates of their nets. They are netting a resource that everyone else has to catch with hook and line. I'm generally not one to add regulations and I in general, the goverment tends to do it with regs, but I don't see the problem with requiring them to publish coordinates. I'd even be okay if they get an area to net so at least the recreational fisherman know where they are. Just driving out, dropping a net and throwing a couple of balloons on the ends that sit at water level isn't winning anyone over! I drove over from the Lansing area and unless I am out there everyday, I wouldn't know where the nets are. Luckily, living in Muskegon for many years, I've come to expect the nets in this area. Plus a little shared public knowledge on here and on Michigan Sportsman, helped me avoid the area.
  7. Took a buddy and my son out of Muskegon on Saturday AM. Started West in 80fow - water was 68 50-60 down and no fish, few marks...pushed out to 100+ on a N/NW troll out to 130fow. Didn't hit good water (48-55degrees 65 down) until we got in 110 and we were NW of the mouth. Started marking a few fish but it was already 9am... went 1 for 1 on a rigger 70 down, 11# king... crabface spoon. Had to call it quits around 930. Now to the beef... Took a 150 heading back to the mouth of the fingers and ran across at least 8 and perhaps 10 sets of nets within a few hundred feed of the route bearing (320 bearing if you are heading from the mouth towards the nets). Red flags, black flags, orange flags and even a set of balloons on one set. The deepest net we saw was around 103fow. Here were a few coordinates I popped on my way back... didn't mark them all but a 320 NW heading would run you into almost all of the ones we saw Saturday. N43 15.908' W086 24.871' - 76fow N43 15.111' W086 23.728' - 66fow Sorry for the late post, just didn't have time to share and good wi-fi. Hope this saves someone some gear! Last year I came within 10yards of running into a net .... popped the boat out of gear...slammed into reverse and reeled like hell to get all the gear up and out of the way. I was fortunate! I can handle a set of nets or two, but seriously, 8+ sets out in this area!?! Then to mark one set with frickin' balloons! Good luck out there!
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