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  1. Hello, I just bought a Starcraft 168 SC Renegade and I'm having Cannon Tracks installed so I can easily remove downriggers. We live on lake scugog but do like to fish for Salmon on Georgian Bay around Christian Island and San Soucci. I'm looking at a couple used manual downriggers but am not sure if all brands will have mounts to fit the downrigger. From what I can tell is Scotty and Canon should not be an issue. I'm looking at a pair of Penn 620 Fathom Master with a 48inch boom that come with the penn swivel mount. Does anyone know if there is a base that will fit this and go easily in the Cannon tracks? Any advice or suggestions on mannual downriggers would be appreciated. I have only fished with the small manual scotties which I don't mind however the 1' retrieve can get a little tiring LOL. I have thought about electric but am not sure I will use them enough to warrant the extra cost. Thanks, CJ
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