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    I fish for fun,do not care to compete
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    big lake fishing (manistee)
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  1. the channel is being dredged as I type and we will be traverseing this channel on this date....no worries !!!
  2. There is four foot of water at this time and I think the dredge is splashing by the first of next week so we should be good to go...Matt
  3. the best eating fish are caught in the winter,nice job!
  4. I was wandering the same thing,I have been fishing south to arcadia between the two holes and the last couple of weeks it has been the same thing 2 or 3 fish per trip they seem to have moved,I would hazzard to think they were at the bank to the north but I do not know if I want to venture out into the madness with all the long leadcore and what sounds like shallow water on top of the shelf?? Matt
  5. I have been salmon fishing since the early 80's with the parents and purchased an old searay three years ago and I have had some of the most enjoyable times on the water in my life (it beats go fast all day long for me!) I just can't get enough Matt:grin:
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