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  1. here is a better vid https://youtu.be/gWV1Y7sNGKs
  2. sorry about the poor pic and bad link. i hope this link to a youtube video works better. still not a very good example to ask for id. the thing is, there is a small pond next to the one in the video that used to be a duck wadding pond. before i ever put fish into the system, the two larger dark fish showed up in the spring. likely from some duckweed i grabbed from a nearby pond the summer before. maybe they are carp? https://youtu.be/FwtPlk6_e78
  3. Help With Fish Identification i have a pond i stocked with goldfish. in the spring before i did, there were two dark fish in the pond. i believe they came in on some duckweed from a nearby pond the year before. can anyone id them for me? the picture is enhanced color and inaccurate. the video is more accurate. thank you 1 of 2 fish2.mp4
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