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  1. This is cool. How 'bout some black ladderback underneath the green??? Puke buffet?
  2. I like the glo over blue better than the bubbles.
  3. Me likey! That's gonna be a salmon stacker!
  4. Same deal as the last. I dig it. Wouldn't be afraid to make a run with a copper cup either.
  5. Tangerine and orange bubbles? Is that a tropical mimosa? This has potential. What about in a copper back too? This could be a walleye/steelhead killer!
  6. I never did well with this spoon w/ or w/out the NBK/tape job
  7. NBK over a burnt Hawg Wild?????? This could be interesting...
  8. Is there a theme here? All are kinda NBK knock offs, this is like NBK over Monkey Puke
  9. I feel for you Special X. I might have to retire.
  10. Bet it'll kill the salmon! Cross between a blue dolphin and an NBK!
  11. Welcome SteelFreak from another Conneaut'er. Storm II on the prowl
  12. I fish a LOT of 28s and do very well at speeds above 2.3 GPS.
  13. Incredible tourney held out of Erie, PA over the weekend. We fished in the AM division and boxed a very good box the first day including our allotted 12 'eyes and 5 steelies. Unfortunately only 2 of our steelies were over 5# and that sank us to 5th in the AM division and 7th overall after day 1. Day 2 seas were a lot rougher as well as the fishing. We only boxed our 12 eyes (weighed in at 50#) and caught only 2 small steelies (under 17" tourney minimum) and dropped 1 good one. The lack of steelies dropped us to 7th in the AM division and 21st overall out of I believe 44 teams. We had very nice 'eye boxes both days including 5 fish over 5# on day 1 with one going 8# 4oz. Day 2 our box including 1 5# eye and 3 6# eyes. TREMENDOUS number of BIG fish caught over the 2 days including many eyes over 10 and at least 5 eyes over 12 with big fish for the tourney at 12.75#. Big steelies were in abundance as well with many over 10# and big steelie of the tourney at 13.7#. Fish were caught ALL over the place. Many eyes from 58 to 50 fow, we caught most of our eyes from 61 to 70 fow. Eyes and steelies were caught just inside the 1st trench and throughout the deep waters of the first and second trenches as well as many out of the "hole" due north of the Port of Erie. I highly recommend anyone that likes to fish offshore in Lake Erie fish this tourney! Great fun and incredible catches.
  14. Its about time! Conny had been off and on all summer till the past week. It would have been a MAGNIFICENT tourney box. Tourney time approaches as well and it is a walleye/steelhead tourney Sat and Sun (11 & 12) in Erie, PA. Its a great time if you guys are interested. $25,000 in prize money on the line. Last year we led the AM division after the first day, but had a rough stretch on day 2 and a case of the "dropsies" and slid to 5th for the tourney. Pro entry fee: $400, Am fee: $275, got to get 'em in by Thursday this week.
  15. Priority 1 is right, most walleye pros on the circuits will tell you 1 oz for every 10' of depth with bottom bouncers, however, there are always exceptions, ask Mark Martin about a certain Lake Erie tourney a few years ago, bangin' 6oz-ers! However, the fish they are going after in that depth are suspended. Usually from 40 to 65 down. Boards in Barcelona (NY) they could be dragging 40 jets on wire, I doubt this time of year mini discs, lead core, plugs on monel wire, a myriad of choices. We usually fish a little further west in the east end of the central basin, but it is a very similar deep water fishery. Our fish are 50 to 60 down right now and mini discs are not very effective at these depths. You can achieve these with 40 jets on wire, plugs on wire or braid, and lead core.
  16. That isn't from Cleveland!!!! Laguna Madre duck??? Conneaut Lake, PA, not to be confused with Conneaut, OH, which is where we fish out of most of the time, a mere 45 minutes from driveway to launch ramp.
  17. Alright GLF and Rayman, pass on the recipes. I much prefer fresh king to steelie ANY DAY. Maybe you know something we don't???
  18. AWESOME MORNING!!!! Fished from 7 to 11:30 and boxed 19 eyes, dropped another 2, biggest eye was 9# 9oz, lots of other quality in the mix. Also boxed 10 steelies, dropping another 2 of them as well, big steelie was 8# 8oz. Great morning, hope it holds up! 66 to 72 fow, 50 to 60 down, spoons, spoons, spoons.
  19. From ALL accounts, action in the central and eastern basins of Lake Erie has picked up SUBSTANTIALLY in the last week or so. Fish are everywhere from 20 fow to 80 fow and beyond. Numbers of quality fish from 55 fow out to the depths as well as very good numbers of steelies. Jimmy has had the Storm up for the last 3 days and done limits each as well as 10 to 15 steelie hook ups / trip.
  20. NICE!!!!! Not trying to jump in there Art, but we ran to the 11 line out of Conny yesterday, didn't mark much and only picked up 2. Ran back into 58 to 62 east towards the state line and picked up 9 in a little over an hour. We did see one big boat that actually was running back into Ashtabula. Where are they???? Email me, [email protected]!!!!!!! Matt Storm Warning II [email protected]
  21. They seem to be running a little deeper than usual this year. Warm, warm surface temps seem to have most fish from 40 to 55 down. Rumor has it 15 to 18 miles out of 'Bula is the place to be.
  22. Rumor has it 15 to 18 miles north of 'Bula is the place to be. Fish a little deeper in the water column than usual. Fish from 40 to 55 down. We got some yesterday from the PA line west a couple miles in 58 to 63 fow. Good bait picture...finally! Fish all from 40 to 55 down.
  23. Give her hell Wolfe. I would head NW out of 'Bula. Hearing decent things further west and DEEEEP. 70+ fow seems to be good right now, but its about a 10 mile or so run offshore.
  24. Don't know whether the big blows of Thursday and Saturday did it, but Sunday was S-L-O-W going. Hit the deep waters again and went E w/ the waves hoping to find some good numbers and good quality. We found good quality, but not so good on the numbers. Managed 9 'eyes from 11am to 5 pm. Fish on everything, all over the place. Deep diver stix on 3 color cores off the boards, fish on dipsys, fish on riggers. All fish but one over 21", the other was 18", 3 fish over 6#. No hot color or presentation. Hopefully we can get some calm to allow the fish to congregate again.
  25. Each has a few "HOT" models, here are a few of my faves: Silver Streak: Echip Blue Dolphin Evil Alewife Ole Yeller - catches anything that swims, as long as it is on the deepest rigger! Dreamweaver: Most Super Slims Goldie Hawn Lime Icicle Andy's Walleye Slapper Bloody Death II Roy's Salmon Slapper VQ Blue Dolphin VQ Green Dolphin Mixed Vegetables Northern King: HWTM !! You don't own one, you should. Kevorkian (I know everybody has one, just prefer this one) Die Hard NBK
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