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  1. What's up everybody? I live in Toledo, OH but I fish both in Ohio and Michigan. I mostly shorefish Lake Erie waters but I do hit a couple rivers and inland lakes off the beaten path from time to time. I don't prefer to target one kind of fish or another. I target a species that's biting pretty good for that moment. This year I've had A LOT of luck with sunfish so that's what I've been targeting a lot. That being said, I also like targeting catfish, perch, white bass, walleye, northern pike, smallmouth and largemouth bass, and longnose gars. Yeah, I said it-I target gars. I've been targeting them for a few years now, and just this year I started harvesting them. I always have had luck with them in Monroe, MI, and in the 26-32'' range, but I decided to keep one that was 36'' and it tasted good. So in a way I regret releasing the 'keepers' these last several years. Since then I caught a 42.5'' gar that I have in my freezer. Anybody else fish for gars? Anyways, I hope you don't find me rambling and hope to get to talking to you all about catching monsters.
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