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  1. 5-7 out of Holland this morning. 190 fow, south troll was best, 3-4 on 5 color with double orange crush, 2-3 on 250 copper, one with blue dolphin spoon the other with large green paddle with poofster fly. One being a 15 lb steelhead.
  2. Holland 6/30 A little too choppy for my 18 footer this morning so we trolled Lake Mac until the lake settled down. 2/2 on sheepshead. Finally made it out around 11 and went 2/2 on steelhead in 90 fow between tunnel park and the channel. Marked a lot of fish in that area but couldn't get many to bite. 45 down on rigger with mixed veggies spoon & 300 copper with coyote spoon went.
  3. We started out in 90 ft marking a few here and there, but saw a few boats in shallower off the sliders so worked my way in. The troll north from the sliders to the pier in 50 ft we had all 8 hits. I wanted to make a second pass but a sick passenger said no. lol
  4. 40-50 ft of water just south of holland was loaded with immature kings and cohos. Went 4 for 8 in about an hour this morning, unfortunately had to quit early as my buddy got quite green in the two footers. Any spoon with orange was taking hits, top to bottom. Threw a small jack back.
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