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  1. Holland 6/3 a.m. Started at 6:30- 90 fow- zigged and zagged out to 190 picking up 2 throwbacks between 140 and 150. Both on slider- UV jager bomb and UV mixed vegys. 1 rigger at 70 and one at 45. Had another along for the ride when taking in the 300 cop with a PK gator. Fished till 9:30 when the rain started coming across the lake. Marked very few fish. Also had 1 miss on the wire dipsey with white SD and moo moo meat. Something went wrong- as soon as we grabbed it the line went slack and we lost everything. The wire was coiled up like it was twisted pretty good. June is here. Good luck.
  2. Holland 6/1 pm 4 for 5 last night- 140-160 fow. 2.8-3.0 sog. 1 on moo moo meat on wire, 1 on rigger 45 down- green flounder pounder, 1 300 cop- mag mixed vegys, and 1 throwback with PK Gator on 150 cop. 4-5 lb kings. The miss was on the wire. NW to SE trolls. Did not mark very many but the ones we did were between 40 and 60. Stomachs were empty. Great night on the water with my Dad.
  3. Fished 5-9pm tonight. We went 4 for 11. Just could not keep them on the meat rigs. Wire dipsey back 125 on 2 with a moo moo rig and white slick SD was at least 0 for 6. Not sure as it was chaos for an hour. The other rig was a big weenie combo- not sure of the name- slick spinner and white rig took 1. This one was 150 back on 2. Other fish came on full core with a green splatter back. Rigger down 49 with a NBK took a nice steelie. And rigger down 55 with green jeans took 8lb king. All misses on the meat felt like big fish. Great night on the water. Nothing in the stomachs. Good luck.
  4. Maiden voyage and solo- Fished from 8-11:30 and went 0-0. Only marked a couple fish. Started in 90 fow and zig zagged out to 190. Tried everything except meat because it was in the freezer at home. Oh well. It was nice to get out. Good luck.
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