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  1. See me on Facebook at second wind [email protected] yahoo.com I will be incorporating one down the road.
  2. Hi. I am looking to hold a July Perch and Walleye tournament and a Trout and Salmon Tournament in the fall. Any abvice, sponserships or help anyone can give, please contact me. Port Sanilac at 2nd Wind Consignment Bait shop. Thanks Dave
  3. The Harbor opens in April. The state operates the boat ramp, so I would think around that time.
  4. There were some Brown and Steelhead caught through the ice this winter but there was not a lot of time on the ice this year due to thin ice. The Trout and Salmon are still here in the harbor to catch. Thanks Dave
  5. My name is Dave. I grew up and live in Port Sanilac on wonderful Lake Huron. I have fished here for about 60 years. I have seen the best and worst of fishing here but, even the worst has been great. Come see us at 2nd Wind Consignment Bait Shop in Port Sanilac. We know where the fish are. Perch, Walleye, Pike, Bass, Salmon, Trout and many more fresh water species are here. Come visit us just east of the light.
  6. My name is Dave. My wife and I have reopened the Port Sanilac Bait Shop under the name of 2nd Wind Consignment. We opened in April of last year a full service Bait and Tackle shop along with Consignment and General Store. They are all in one building just east of the light In Port Sanilac. We offer live bait, tackle, sporting goods kayaks and supplies. We are looking forward to starting a couple of fishing tournaments this year and are looking for some help organizing. We want to expand on the July Perch tournament by adding Walleye to the mix. We are also wanting to add a Trout no Salmon Tournament this year. Come see us. Thanks and Happy Fishing. Dave
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