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  1. gaulj

    Muskegon Lake

    Heading to Muskegon Lake this weekend. Never fished it. Looking to get my kids on some fish! Bass, walleye, I don't care!! Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  2. Shakedown trip, mid afternoon . Fished 2-6pm, 80-175. Went 1/2 with a nice 13 pound king, 125 fow, 50 down on rigger, blue dolphin took both hits. Beautiful afternoon!!! Tangled my 10 color with 5 color and had to do some cutting!!! First trip fiascos!! Haha Sent from my iPad using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  3. gaulj

    Fish Finder/Chart Plotter Help

    I have had an HDS 7 for the past 7 years or so. (got it right when they came out) I love it, but... Have had to return them several times for various issues. Lowrance has been great working with, but my backlight is going out, so once the sun is up, I'm basically blind. So, loving the brand, I did just order the new HOOK 7. It is MUCH cheaper and seams to do everything the HDS series does for a LOT less. They keep coming out with newer, cheaper units that do all the basic things I need. I don't need the device to connect with other devices or such, which I hear is great if you run a trolling motor or anything else off it. I don' t. So... That's my two cents. Love the brand, but chose to go with a less pricey HOOK vs. the HDS series.
  4. Let it begin boys! had to re-register, but back on. Docks are in at Holland!! see ya on the water!