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  1. I tie the large swivels directly to my leaders for dipsies, I have heavy leaders on dipsies dedicated for running flashers.  I use Torpedo 30 lb swivels on rigger rods and long lines, so if I'm using paddles or spin doctors on those lines, I'll clip the 30 lb swivel to the big swivel that comes with those attractors.  Hopefully that makes sense.

    The swivels that come with most paddles and spin doctors are huge so they can freely rotate in the flasher without getting bent.  Some brands of flashers come with a smaller swivel attached to them, you can hook the smaller snap swivels directly to those.

  2. I'm on my 3rd season with my '89 Tiara 3300 Open, it fishes great, is comfortable fishing with 6 adults, and easily sleeps 6 adults (if I don't have fishing gear taking up bunk space), but that's with 4 people in 2 beds, not sure if having 2 of the kids paired up works for your foster situation or not. I've actually slept 7 on mine a couple of times, 3 sets of 2 with one of the pairs being young kids sharing the bottom bunk of the pullman berth.

    I try not to keep track of what it costs to run it but it's in the $100-$150/trip range depending on far you run. It burns about 0.7 MPG cruise (25 MPH+/-), or about 70 GPH.

    I agree on not spooking fish, and it will out fish smaller boats if the fish are biting in a troll direction that isn't favorable to the wind or wave conditions because it doesn't get pushed around as much. I had a 26' Stamas previous to this boat, it was a great boat but with a single I/O, it just couldn't troll like the 33' can.

    And you're right about the bigger boat being better for kids, it's a lot more enjoyable for them and you. With more room they can find things to do and not be under-foot if they aren't engaged with fishing or whatever.

  3. Looks fine to me, you're better off having them run like that than nose down so they don't dive. SD's on boards are fine too. You're supposed to run the line on the bottom slot on the TX-44, if you're running it in the top it might not run correctly.

    You don't need to run the TX-44's on 300 coppers, even with the SD's. I run 450's on the 22's and walleye boards, I only use the 44's for 450's with SD's or paddles, or over 450' regardless what it's pulling. Personally I think the 44's are pain, pull way too hard and tend to dive.

  4. I have Big Jon Brutes running 15 and 20# balls on gimbal mounts, and I use them a lot. No issues. You definitely need heavy duty flush mount holders with backing plates. Look at CE Smith or Lee. Coincidentally, I have 2 brand new CE Smith holders and a pair of gimbal mounts for Big Jon that I'd sell, PM me if you're interested. Long story but it's the same stuff I run.

  5. I agree on them turbulence creating issues. I couldn't figure out why my fish hawk wouldn't read properly and finally realized that it was the trolling bags.

    I run my bags off the midship cleats. Run them just long enough to keep them in the water when its rough, the bow bobbing up and down will pull them out of the water if your lines are too short. Might take some experimenting.

  6. Found one in Whitehall , drifting marker rope , lost 300 ft of brand new copper and a new flasher spoon combo too. We had NO idea that the barge was recovering nets or we wouldn't have fished WhiteHall .... Glad it didn't find the props .

    I got into it too, on Sunday morning, and it did find one of my props. Thankfully I took it out of gear before it tore something up. Also took out the chute rigger and both port side divers. Couldn't get it out of the prop so we went into White Lake in shallow water and were able to get it out. I'm not sure it was a marker line though as it looked pretty new, no algae or muscles hanging off from it that we could see. Sorry I couldn't mark it, too much chaos trying to get it out of my prop and gear and I had to cut it.

    Ruined a potentially good finish in the Grand Haven tournament. Shame.

    I did call it in to USCG, should have called RAP.

  7. There is a new company in west Michigan making bags, stop by Fish On, not sure if they have them in stock but they had them there during the seminar last weekend. They are supposedly really nice, and a little different than the others. Amish Outfitters is anoyher good option. Anyone who makes good quality bags should be able to tell you which size you need.

  8. I have a new in the box Benelli Super Black Eagle II for sale. 12 ga, 3 1/2", 26" barrel, black with black synthetic stock (not comfortech) with the factory chokes. New in the box, never been fired. $1,450.

    I bought two of these and decided to only keep one. It's a heck of a gun and you won't find one for his price anywhere, they normally go for $1,600+.

    Pick up in Grand Rapids, MI or I can ship to an FFL.



    616-nine one five-1194

    grsible at gmail dot com

  9. I was just asking a simple question of where does the money go. I understand that its all volunteer and those people are greatly appreciated.

    2013 BRC total AM payouts = $10,810. Divide by 42 AM boats = $257.38. Entry fee was $250 (not including big fish).

    I did the same thing for 2013 Ludington and got $244.83 per boat (AM only). I couldn't find the entry fee for that one but I think some of the entry fees to go the big fish division, which has substantial payouts.

    The only other one I looked at was Grand Haven and they don't list payouts. Not sure if any of the others do.

    Is there a specific tournament(s) that you're referring to where you see a problem?

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