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  1. Good catch! Hope they find something on those 2 guys, can't stress safety enough.
  2. And Fishbuster......it can be added to the oil also. It is Oxygen sensor safe and can be used on diesels too. If its a motor Sea Foam can be used......read the can
  3. I use Sea Foam all the time on my Merc 485 and its perfectly safe. I also use it on all my cars with no issue. It is SAFE to run in your boat, just put it in your gas tank per the instructions by the manufacture. It is also safe to leave in the gas if you don't use it all up, it works as a stabilizer also.
  4. Hey guys/gals just thought I post up our trip from last night. Got out around 6:00PM and started in about 115 FOW nort of the chanel past PWR Plant and continued twards 140 FOW with nothing so we decided to make the turn we did on Monday and head in to 100 FOW. Had a bummer and lost our Subtroll unit.....just came undone, sucked! So we put on a Deep 6 with a new lure we were given called a GutZ, Orange with a Glow Lader, flat gold back and droped it back 60'. As soon as we crossed the 100' trolling East @ 2.3mph it went and got a nice 8lb Coho. Almost imidiatelly our 300 Copper went with and came back with a 18" Laker that we tossed back. As the sun hit the water we changed over to our glow setups, put away our copper and put out our 5 colors in there place. Went past the Bouy headed South and turned West and were in about 85 FOW and our 10 color went sceaming out! Landed a NICE 25" Male King on a Moonshine Blue Hulk Glow. This is the 2nd big male we have landed this week at night. Were out Monday night and got a 26" King on a 7 color with a Dream Weaver Blue Thunder in 80FOW. Hope everyone has a great weekend
  5. Hey peeps! Been lurking in this site for a while and have found lots of good info Been fishing since I can remember and they have been fun and scary at times but it hasn't stoped me yet :no: I hope I can pass aloong good info to help out in our sport The crew consist of my dad, Me, my brother and whoever we can take along that enjoys fishing. We mainly use Portsheldon, nice and close (20min) for the last min trips that we or I should say I get everyone to go on. LOL Dad traded up 2 yrs ago and sold the 1978 ( I was 2) 18' Bayliner that had more stories than you could imagine to a 20' Bayliner Trophie Pro that has just been a lot of fun. We hit 2 things hard core.....Walleye from late April to about mid July then we start salmon fishing till I can't convince my dad that it's worth it LOL Love the site!
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