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  1. This 2001 Wellcraft is 22' long and a great boat for fishing salmon, lake trout, walleye, and yes even muskies. But if cruising is your thing this boat works well for that also. I have been to everywhere on Lake Superior from Duluth, Lake of the Woods, Grand Marais, and Isle Royal and it handles the big water with no problems and is easy to launch or smaller lakes as well. This boat trailers very well with a half-ton pickup, so if you looking to make a trip to Algoma WI for salmon fishing but don't have a 3/4 or bigger truck no problem.

    This boat has the full canvas for the cabin so you stay warm and dry. It is powered by a 350cc/5.7L Volvo Penta with an SX outdrive, the motor was replaced by the previous owner and somewhere between 200 and 300hrs on it. It has one season on the Raymarine electronics A Series 9" with Chip and Navionics Chip along Quantum broadband radar which was purchased new. If you have ever been caught in the fog without radar you will love this boat since it is the latest in Raymarine's radar tech. The Suzuki DF15A fuel injected kicker motor was also purchased new in 2016 and is amazing. If you wanted to hit the water by next weekend and start fishing she is all ready to go. I am looking to get $27,500 obo for the boat as is or if you don't want the electronic, downriggers, and kicker motor I would then let it go for $22,500

    The trailer is tandem axle galvanized.

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  2. The 2018 trolling season is upon us so get your weight early. My 17-year son who loves trolling the great lakes for trout and salmon has decided to cast these weights again this for a summer income. He is charging $25 for either fish or cannonball style 10Lbs weight he also has Scotty releases available upon request which is the release we prefer. If you have any questions about the weights or how to use them please let us know.

    Cannon, Big Jon, Scotty, Penn, Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Salmon Fishing, Trolling, downriggers, lures, down rigger, down riggers, cannonball, ball, releases





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  3. Downrigger Weights Fish and Cannonball Style 10lbs

    With the 2017 trolling season right around the corner be prepared and get your downrigger weights early.  My 16yr old son is casting 10lbs fish and cannon ball style weights for a little extra spending money.  He is asking $25ea for the weights and also has Scotty 1170 releases for $7.50ea if interested.  We are now casting 15Lbs cannon ball style weights for $38ea.


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  4. I agree with the above comments...however do not get discouraged if you just have your three lines.  Right now getting your first one will be your great fish of all time.  I can still remember my first King.  Here is another thought that I had looking at your graph...you may want to search for a little cooler water right around the 50 - 55 DegF.  I am no Michigan expert I just thought we could get some additional comments on that point.

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