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  1. We got a steelhead out of port Sheldon Monday that was a drop back from spawning. That looks like one as well.
  2. Port Sheldon Solo tonight started 145' fished to 170' and back to 150' fished 7:30 - 9:15 Meat rig on Slide diver back 160. 2-2 17lb king around 8 pm. Reset and got a 6-7 lb coho a minute later. Big white flasher/fly no love and another slide diver out 200 with dodger fly and glow spoon later no hits. SOG 2.2-2.5. Good night considering I got skunked the last three times out with others and running more lines. Nice night no waves and not much traffic.
  3. Fished 8-2 water depth between 45-70. 7-9 one coho one King one laker and 4 steelhead. All on spoons all different colors had no pattern or depth better than another. No hits on flies or meat. Very few marks or bait but we had no complaints. Sent from my iPad using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
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