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  1. Hello all! I don't usually gripe, but THIS has to be done to warn all of you out there. I purchased a Cortland Endurance/Procast noodle rod from FISHUSA in the fall. FISHUSA is a great company and they have their hands tied behind their backs about Cortland. Anyway, the rod broke last week at the tip on a fish. I called Cortland and spoke to "Lisa" who would rather correspond via email instead of on the phone. Suspicious! I complied and sent her the information on the rod (it does, in fact, have a lifetime warranty) and expected to get an email back telling me that my rod tip would be sent out. Instead I was told that she would need $50. Yes! $50 on a $70 rod just for the tip. I couldn't believe it so, I did....I actually called her back. She transferred me to "Chris" who told me that it's actually $20 instead of $50. Now, I'm just flabbergasted that they can't even agree on a rip off. "Chris" went on and on about how OTHER companies charge for replacements all the while avoiding the real question; "What does a lifetime warranty mean?". In the end, they are NOT honoring the lifetime warranty. Please be aware of how shady Cortland has become. Captain Larry
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