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  1. Fished 3pm-9pm last night. Managed a nice Laker 34' down in 100 fow. Green f/f combo. An hour later hooked in to a nice king, 34' down 100 fow green f/f combo. The king came off at the boat though, line broke and he took my f/f:mad: . Tried fishing leadcore and boards for the first time. Had a 5 color and a 7 color. Didn't have much luck there, still need to dial those things in. They don't seem to be planing to the side quite enough, but thats another thread for another day. Someone gave my us a nice king to fillet at the cleaning station, that made up for the one we lost. TD
  2. Thanks guys. Hoping to make another trip next Saturday to finally get some kings in the boat.
  3. Hello everyone. I am fairly new to fishing the great lakes for salmonid's. A couple years ago after purchasing my current boat I decided I wanted to fish the big pond as it reminds me of fishing south Florida. I fished unsuccessfully a few times over the past few years. I went out with a guide a few years back and that taught me a great deal. This year I really started to do some reading and research. My search came across GLF and the wealth of info. Earlier this month I took my newly found knowledge to Port Washington and turned it in to a couple of fish. As i'm sure you know, that was a great feeling to see I could do it on my own. I am from Stoughton, WI but my mainly fish out of Port Washington, with the occasional trip to Milwaukee. Thanks for all the great info on a great site. Tony-
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