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  1. Its is a very nice area to fish. No crowds and some good fish to be had. Good luck and maybe I'll see you on the water next year!
  2. If the wind would cooperate for a little while I think the fishing would be great, marking a ton of fish this year! Water temps have been crazy, one day no cold water the next all cold water!
  3. I agree, come to northern Lake Huron, plenty of fish to be had you just need to have a little knowlage and a bit of patience! 15 yrs ago the Kings damn near jumped in the boat!! It's a bit of a challenge now, but that's what I love about fishing, sure every one loves to catch, but those bad days make the good ones that much more rewarding! Imo
  4. Hi guys I'm new here, but have been fishing out of Rogers city alpena and PI for years, the salmon fishing in our area started slow and spotty but with the water temps climbing and the year progressing the larger salmon are becoming more common, Rogers city is becoming such a fun fishery, with steady lake trout catches steel, walleye Atlantics and kings, you can have such a cool mixed bag catch, the lake trout fishing early on was great with easey limits out of Rogers city and PI, walleye fishing out of alpena early on was also quite good. I have been reading this sight for quite a while and find some very good insight!!
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